Coastal Modular Homes of RI specializes in modular homes and garages built for coastal regions.

Each modular home we install is individually engineered for your specific wind zone, climate and other variables. From permits to completion, let CMHRI do the work for you.

A Gallery of Our Recent Projects

Homes for Coastal Living.

The Coastal Living Collection from Excel homes can be installed by CMHRI on your homesite.

This collection of modular homes features ranch, cape, two-story, apartments and duplexes designed, constructed and installed specifically for life on the coast. Give us a call for more information.

Quality Garages to Meet Your Expanding Space Needs.

We install single, double, and elite garages.

Our partnership with Stoltzfus Structures in Atglen, PA means we can install a quality Amish built garage for you quickly and efficiently. Give us a call for more information.

Accessory Dwelling Units

As small houses or apartments that exist on the same property lot as a single-family residence, Accessory Dwelling Units — or ADUs — play a major role in serving a national housing need. This traditional home type is re-emerging as an affordable and flexible housing option that meets the needs of older adults and young families alike.

Genesis 560ADU

1 Bed – 1 Bath
560 Sq. Ft.
Model 1441H11G01

Urbaneer 435ADU

1 Bed – 1 Bath
435 Sq. Ft.
Model 1629H11G01

Urbaneer 510ADU

1 Bed – 1 Bath
510 Sq. Ft.
Model 1634H11G01

Urbaneer 660ADU

2 Bed – 1 Bath
660 Sq. Ft.
Model 1644H21G01

Your Quality Modular Home—Manufactured by Excel Homes and Installed by CMHRI

Excel Homes

Coastal Modular Homes of Rhode Island is proud to partner with our manufacturer, Excel Homes, to build your dream home! Excel owners’ have spent many years as modular homes builders. Excel homes are built in climate-controlled factories and then transported to the home site, where CMHRI attends to the final installation and finishing details.


The innovative building process uses quality materials and techniques from start to finish.


The modular home building process is designed to be more cost-effective and efficient than site-built homes.


We are committed to offering our homeowners the most custom options when it comes to building your new home.
Excel Homes sold and installed by Coastal Modular Homes of Rhode Island

Coastal and Inland Homes Available

Click here to see all the homes we have to offer on the Excel Homes website (site opens in another tab).

Excel Homes sold and installed by Coastal Modular Homes of Rhode Island

The Future of Home

Genesis is an innovative housing brand dedicated to off-site home building solutions. We build homes and home components for builders, developers and housing innovators out of 23 manufacturing facilities across the U.S. Click here to view Genesis homes.

Why Modular?

“What’s the biggest difference between modular and stick-built homes?” That’s a question we hear daily because it’s a good question with a very good answer.

The answer depends on your interpretation of “the biggest difference.” For the sake of this answer, we’ll assume the biggest difference means the most significant benefit that modular construction offers over the stick-built method.

There are many differences between modular and stick-built homes. Two main differences rise to the top of the list when comparing modular and stick-built homes. Those differences are:

After Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) studied the performance and strength of various buildings and found that modular homes stood up to hurricane-force winds much better than standard stick-built homes.

The secret to modular homes’ strength lies in the manufacturing process. To help the modules withstand the demands of the transportation process, modular homes are built with an average of 20 percent more materials than regular homes and often at less cost.

Depending on the model and the number of customized options, a modular home can be built in the factory, installed on its foundation and made ready for move-in in as little as five or six weeks. More typically, it might take two to three months, and larger homes might take five months, but that’s still much faster than a stick-built home.

There are several reasons for this efficiency. The main reason is that the process to build homes in a factory is much like an assembly line. Each station has staff who are experts in specific tasks, which is one of the reasons modular homes are higher in quality. The manufacturing process is extremely streamlined, and very little time or material is wasted. Less material waste also means lower costs for the home owner.

Another reason for the quicker build time is that while the modules of the home are being constructed in the factory, the foundation can get underway at the same time. Obviously, in a stick-built home, the foundation must be built before the rest of the home can be started. Lastly, because modular homes are constructed indoors, there are no weather delays, and builders can work more efficiently and cleanly.

So there you have it. Not one, but two big differences between modular homes and stick-built homes. Of course, those aren’t the only differences, give us a call to see all that we have to offer.

2017 Tear-Down and New Construction before and after.

A little about us.

CMHRI offers a full line of high-quality, innovative modular homes designed specifically for northeast coastal regions. Homes are constructed by our partner, Excel Homes. Since 1984, Excel Homes has been designing and building custom modular homes using precision instruments, innovative technologies and master craftsmen. Excel Homes is constantly reassessing procedures and processes to continuously improve the quality, cost and delivery of their homes.

When you choose a home installed by CMHRI, you can have your choice of interior and exterior options such as standard or designer kitchens and baths, lighting, cabinetry, doors and so much more. Each coastal modular home is individually engineered for your specific wind zone, climate and other variables. From permits to completion, let Coastal Modular Homes of RI do the work for you. Call us at (401) 556-5698 to learn more about the process.

Visit our partners on this page to see all of the home and garage options available to you. Let CMHRI deliver a quality home and garage for you and your family.

Build Modular, Build Value.

Build Modular, Build Value

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